Zest Spearhead Jig 160 Gram

Zest Spearhead Jig 160 Gram
Broad and thin so it makes a lot of fluttering action when worked properly
NZ$ 25.90
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These Zest Spear Head Jig is one of the latest offering from Zest, said to have out fished all other similar jig designs from other manufacturers! 

This jig is broad and thin so it makes a lot of fluttering action when worked properly. Top side has a holographic finish and the reverse is luminous. It excels where there is less tidal movement or in shallower waters.

  • Fluttering, strike inducing action
  • Holographic finish
  • Reverse side is luminous
  • Excellent for Kingfish
  • 160 gram
  • Overall length 17cm
  • Includes Kevlar assist rig, split ring & hook