Zest Slow Jay Jig 60 Gram

Zest Slow Jay Jig 60 Gram
Excellent snapper/kingfish jig with stream-lined flutter/slide/darting action.
NZ$ 16.50
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[{"colour":"Blue/Pink Zebra","code":"9420042704161","size":"","price":16.5,"pid":3415888,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3415884/zest_slow_jaybpk.jpg","title":"Zest Slow Jay Jig 60 Gram"},{"colour":"Sliver Zebra","code":"9420042704314","size":"","price":16.5,"pid":3415885,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3415884/zest_slow_jays.jpg","title":"Zest Slow Jay Jig 60 Gram"},{"colour":"Orange Zebra","code":"9420042704215","size":"","price":16.5,"pid":3415886,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3415884/zest_slow_jayor.jpg","title":"Zest Slow Jay Jig 60 Gram"},{"colour":"Green Zebra","code":"9420042704260","size":"","price":16.5,"pid":3415887,"style":"","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/621503/pid3415884/zest_slow_jaygr.jpg","title":"Zest Slow Jay Jig 60 Gram"}]
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Designed especially for slow-pitch style jigging with extreme fluttery action.

  • Zebra-like stripes on one side that glow for strobe light effect.
  • Factory rigged with twin assist hooks - ready to fish with.
  • User friendly for all levels and constructed of the high quality build and finish we know and expect of the Zest lures.

Check out how to fish micro jigs by watching this video tutorial HERE! 

  • 77mm long
  • 60 gram
  • 4 colours