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Hi Rob. Your tuition has made my fishing a success. I spent 2 weeks at Hahei were there were quite a few Kayakers fishing catching nothing yet I was catching heaps including a 12 & 16lb Snappers. Before your training I catch a few fish but never large fish. Now I am catching limits and large fish and do not come home with an empty fish bin. If you want to catch fish let Rob show you how, it is worth it. Cheers Happy Kayaker  Nev Morgan - New Zealand

Hey Rob. Just wanted to say thanks so much for the fishing advice last Monday at Papa Aroha. It made me feel a lot better about the fishing and getting out there. Nice to have caught a fish also, dinner that night was great. Showed the boss the pictures. Cheers for everything and will join up onto the website. Wendy Austin

Rob Fort's Kayak Fishing Adventures is one of the best days out I have had for a very long time. The kayaks are easy to use and Rob gives simple and easy to understand instructions on the use of the kayak and the soft bait fishing equipment. Rob showed me a fishing spot about a 30 minute paddle from shore and we were straight away into some impressive snapper. This is really exciting sport fishing with light tackle and provides a definite challenge to get the fish alongside and into the vessel. A fantastic experience for the committed fisher, for anyone considering kayak fishing, or even for those new to fishing. Rob provides quality equipment and the skills and knowledge to provide a very memorable day on the water. Clive H Boock JP, BA(Otago)

Hi Rob and Janet - Lyn and I really enjoyed our kayak adventure earlier in the week. Lyn in particular especially catching the 16lb snapper, she is still buzzing  - Lyn continues to remind me of the great catch. We both learnt a lot from you about kayak fishing, and we both appreciate you sharing with us your considerable knowledge on this sport. I have mentioned our adventure to our two sons and we are planning to book in for another adventure in the very near future. Cheers Mark and Lyn Bell

When imagining myself paddling my way along our scenic coastline in stealth mode hunting for snapper and king fish on a kayak the words that come to mind would have to be exciting, relaxing and most of all fascinating. However having absolutely no experience with kayaks I wasn't sure weather or not kayak fishing would be right for me. Then I heard about Coromandel Kayak Adventures and gave Rob Fort a call . Before I new it an afternoon adventure was booked and all that was left to do was wait for the appointed day and to try not to let the excitement get the better of me. The day finally arrived and my partner and I made the short trip to Coromandel where we met Rob setting up the kayaks next to a glassy sea. Rob gave us an excellent run down of all the do's and don't s and gave us pointers regarding softbait techniques then we pushed the kayaks on the water and set off for what  turned out to be one of the most memorable fishing experiences of my life. That night we caught not only our personal best fish but more big snapper than I had ever caught in one session. From that moment forth I knew  I was addicted to kayak fishing. Rob service and knowledge is excellent. This was easily the best trip I have been on. Since then the boat has been sold with Rob rigging me up with an Ocean Kayak and has happily answered all the questions I have thrown at him. So if you are wanting to learn about kayaking and softbaiting or just want an awesome experience look no further than Coromandel Kayak Adventures. Damian Trownson - New Zealand.

Hi Rob - I wish I was there, and hope that one day I will join with you again. Once more, may I express my thanks for the wonderful adventures you helped me share with my son, son in law, brother in law Kerry and others. Not only the adventures, but all the fish we always caught. I regularly enjoy the memories as I view the pictures, and think that kayak fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities this old man has ever experienced. I wish you continued success in the exciting growth of your company, and the promotion of the fabulous sport of kayak fishing. Best Wishes Colin Grant - USA