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Our range found within these pages features fishing gear designed to take the harsh salt water environment as well as hard fighting species no matter what method you use to target them. If fishing from a boat or kayak then you will find the combo or specific rod or reel right for your needs.

Kayak Users: The demands that kayak fishing can put on rods and reels are different to those that you encounter when fishing on boats. The kayak places all gear in a relatively close proximity to the salt water environment. Because of this it is important that the equipment you use has the ability to cope with such conditions. Buying the cheaper models available will save you money short term, the choice you make will influence how much money you could end up spending in the long term also.

Cheaper reels require more servicing and part replacement to keep them working properly. A cheaper reel will be fine for anyone who only goes out a few times a month and will no doubt last a few years, but spending that extra dollar could give you many more care free years of enjoyment. Another thing to consider is that fishing from a kayak is so successful (you catch big fish) that this can further place demands on your gear. There are many brands and models available on the market that have a wide range in price. I use and recommend the Fin Nor and Quantum range of rods/reels and some of the models have had many years of use without any problems. They are well made from decent materials and will perform on a level you would expect with reliability another asset.


Some rods suited to the boat style of fishing can also be suitable for kayaks. Consider when selecting a suitable rod for kayak use that because you are sitting down a rod which has an extended butt section can get in the way and also cause you to have an extended arm reach. The same goes for the overall lenght of the rod and a shorter rods from 5'0"  to 7' are used. It is a good idea to be able to reach the tip of the rod when the fish are kayak side so you can draw the fish in to the reach of your gaff, net or hand. When it comes to softbait graphite rods the same applies and highsticking becomes more of a problem with longer versions.

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